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After more than a year of filming, editing, and production, the Seigi Bushido Ryu Kata Series is available to the public. This two DVD set includes all kata in the Seigi Bushido Ryu system from White Belt (Jukyu) through 2nd Degree Black (Nidan). Each kata is demonstrated by two SBR Instructors, with multiple angles and count/full speed versions of the kata included. Each DVD also includes some fun extras and “behind the scenes” footage.

Never before has the SBR system had this type of a learning tool available to students and instructors alike. Pricing for each DVD (Part I and II) is 20.00 US. For GMAU members of purple belt (4th kyu) rank or higher, both are available for purchase at a combined price of 35.00 US.

These are available for immediate purchase. For all inquiries please contact Dr. Kent Haralson (

If you would like to order the SBR Kata Series please send your name, address, rank and check in the correct amount to Dr. Kent Haralson to:

Martial Arts Ministry
2254 E Old Shakopee Rd
Bloomington, MN 55425.

ONLINE ORDERING: You can order these materials online using PayPal and submitting the proper payment to: ... please include your name and mailing address with online order requests.