Valerie Hobbs

Sensei Valerie Hobbs has been practicing martial arts since June 2006 under the instruction of Sensei Erin Askew.  Sensei Valerie is currently a first degree black belt in Seigi Bushido Ryu karate and January 2013, continues her practice as instructor of the dojo at Calvary Church in Jupiter, Florida.

Valerie has been married since 1987 and has 6 boys and 1 girl. Valerie has a B.S. degree in accounting from University of Florida and practiced in the field for seven years. After having children, Valerie took on the responsibility of home educating the children many years ago. She has been in the karate class right along with all her children since 2006. Currently, Valerie and her four younger children are active in the dojo at Calvary Church and active in the children’s’ ministry at the Calvary Church.


RANK:  1st Dan