Summer Peterson

Summer Peterson began her martial arts training in July of 2006 under the instruction of Sensei Doug Haralson within the Seigi Bushido Ryu school. The Master’s Warriors dojo in Bloomington, Minnesota is now under the direction of Sensei Steve Brown, where Summer is one of the assistant instructors. She enjoys the variety of techniques and skills that the martial arts offers, as well as the physically intense workouts. She especially appreciates the Biblical foundation of Seigi Bushido Ryu and has grown in her understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and true faith in Him as a result of her martial arts study. Summer is encouraged by the faithful students of the Master’s Warriors dojo and looks forward to growing in fellowship and friendship with class members.

Outside of class, Summer enjoys spending time with her nephews, other family members and friends. She is actively involved in her church. She lives and works in Bloomington, Minnesota.

RANK:  1st Dan