Erin Askew

Erin Askew was born August 19, 1980 in Jupiter, Fl. She began studying Seigi Bushido Ryu in West Palm Beach under Soke Kent Haralson in June 1990.

After 16 years, Sensei Askew decided to leave the West Palm Beach class to begin a new dojo in her hometown of Jupiter. In May of 2006 she started The Master’s Warriors of Jupiter at Tequesta’s First Baptist Church, and in February 2012 the class was moved to Calvary Church, in Jupiter Farms Florida.

Erin has been a full-time caregiver for her grandmother since 2000. She is also formerly very involved with children’s ministry and taught a sewing group at Calvary as well. In January, 2013, Erin relocated out of state allowing further growth of her students at Calvary under the leadership of her former assistant, instructor Valerie Hobbs. Erin's new class location has yet to be determined.

RANK:  2nd Dan