Doug Haralson

Doug Haralson was born in New York State in 1972. He began study of the martial arts during 1983 in Rochester, MN under the tutelage of Soke Kent Haralson. He has earned his 3rd degree in Seigi Bushido Ryu while also holding a 1st degree in KeeDok Kyu Tae Kwon Do. Sensei Haralson has had a variety of experience in the martial arts, from participated in the founding of several schools in Minnesota and Florida, to demonstrations in back yard Bible clubs, school, church, and youth group functions. Doug also had the privilege of participating in Solid Rock Karate, a traveling demo team. He has experience teaching a variety of ages and, in 2004, branched out and started a new school under the auspices of the GMAU and Seigi Bushido Ryu. This school was successfully transitioned to Sensei Steve Brown in 2009 and has thrived under his leadership.

Doug has been married since 1998 to wife Robyn. They have four children, Hope, Faith, April, and Hunter. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and works in the Information Technology field. Doug is currently employed at EMC Corporation as a Professional Services Consultant.

RANK:  3rd Dan
INSTRUCTOR LEVEL:  Instructor (09/07)