Courtney Padgitt

Seeing the parallels between self-defense and defending one’s faith, of training for a physical battle and training for a spiritual one, is what drew Courtney Padgitt to Seigi Bushido Ryu in early 2009.  The Holy Spirit has since used this uniquely Christian Martial Art as a catalyst for Courtney’s spiritual growth, specifically the areas of scripture memorization and evangelism.  Sensei Padgitt has a passion for apologetics.

Under the instruction and mentorship of Sensei Brown, Courtney led the expansion of the Master’s Warrior Dojo from Bloomington to New Hope, MN in 2013 where he is currently the lead instructor.  He achieved the rank of Shodan-Ho in January 2015 and is currently a full Shodan.

Courtney and his wife Jenny are the proud parents of two young children and active members of Evergreen Church.


RANK:  1st Dan