Christina Nieman

Christina Nieman began her martial arts training in July of 2006 under the instruction of Sensei Doug Haralson within the Seigi Bushido Ryu school. Shortly after receiving her green belt, Christina went on a 3 and a half year mission trip to El Salvador during which time she was forced to take a break from Seigi Bushido Ryu due to lack of schools in that country. Desperate to continue training of some kind, Christina started taking Aikido classes, which were offered a short distance from her home in El Salvador. Upon returning to Minnesota in 2011, she returned to the Seigi Bushido Ryu system of karate, where she picked up where she had left off four years earlier. Her favorite aspect of karate is the spiritual basis of the classes and how the Christian faith is built into the very foundation of what is taught. It also has proven to be the only thing able to motivate her to exercise where all other exercise programs, initiatives, and incentives have failed. Christina currently teaches as an assistant instructor at the Bloomington, MN Masters Warriors dojo. She received her Shodan-Ho rank on August 8th of 2014.

Outside of class Christina enjoys volunteering at her church, The Rock, in any capacity that she can. She serves on the multimedia ministry and has led various small groups including a Spanish speaking small group. She works in Hudson, WI as a Railway Signal Engineer and lives in Bloomington, MN.


RANK:  1st Dan Provisional
INSTRUCTOR LEVEL:  Assistant Instructor